maysoft solutions

Privacy Policy


MaySoft Solutions takes privacy seriously and our privacy policy sets out the detail of how MaySoft deals with your privacy while using this website.

Who we are?

We are maysoft solutions based in Hollywood in the United Kingdom. Using the support request form is the only time users are requested to provide contact details to maysoft solutions no other information is collected whilst you are navigating this site.
If after reading this privacy policy you have any concerns the support request form can be used to contact me.

What information do we collect?

We only collect your name and email address when you fill in the support request form on this web site.
The information supplied is used solely for responding to your support/help requests and is stored only as long as your support or help query is still live.
Once your support or help query has been responded to your name and email address are details deleted.
Names and email addresses supplied using the support/help request form are never shared with any other company or organisation.