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Latest Version 1.3 - January 2019

Easily convert between Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal

HexToASCII is an easy to use, base converter that allows the user to type or cut and paste ASCII characters, decimal, hexadecimal or binary and instantly convert between the bases.

The application can displays;

  • Decimal.
  • Hexadecimal.
  • Binary.
  • ASCII Text.

New Features (Version 1.3);

  • Added ability to search the ASCII view and copy/share character information.

New Features (Version 1.2);

  • Added descriptions for the IOS Extended characters.
  • New, less cluttered settings screen.

New Features (Version 1.1):

  • Numeric input keyboard, to reduce input errors.
  • ASCII Table screen.
  • Help screen.


  • Type in a series of characters and they are converted instantly.
  • Input is allowed in any field (Unicode characters will be rejected).
  • Easy number input using special numeric keyboard.
  • Settings allow the text size to changed to make it easier to read in a classroom.
  • Any or all values can be copied to the clipboard or shared.

Initially developed to assist me to explain both hexadecimal and binary arithmetic. I thought it would be good to share. Enjoy!

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