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Latest Version 2.3 - May 2020

A full year of sunrise - sunset times

Sunrise Today is an easy to use, simple app for displaying information related to the transit of the sun during the day.

The application can displays;

  • Sunrise - Sunset times
  • Golden Hours (Magical Hours)
  • Civil Twilight Hours (Dawn to Dusk)
  • Nautical Hours (First Light)
  • Astronomical Hours (Full Darkness)

Note: The times displayed are based on your mobile device time settings; i.e. if your device is set to GMT, all times will be displayed in GMT.

New in Version 2.1;

  • Minor bug fixes.

New in version 2.0;

  • Keep all your IOS devices synchronised with iCloud support.
  • Topmost item in Places list becomes 'Home' and is displayed with a blue background.
  • Move any item to the topmost position to make it 'Home'.
  • Drag and Drop on iPad Pro.
  • Dual screen mode support on iPad Pro.
  • Places list can now be sorted by any field.
  • Distances and Compass Bearings relate to 'Home'.
  • Distances in either Kilometres or Miles.
  • When opening the map, your current location is displayed (Requires internet).
  • Fonts will size dependent upon screen size in 'Single Day' view.


  • Maintains a list of ‘Favourite’ places.
  • Displays ‘Day Time’, ‘Night Time’ status for each place.
  • Places can be entered by a long press on the map.
  • The latitude and longitude coordinates can be entered manually.
  • The standard map search can be used to find a place.
  • A full year of times is displayed for each place.
  • The list of times can be changed to display the ‘Last Year’ and ’Next Year’.
  • The ’Today’ button will always return the list to display the current date.
  • A selected list date, remains ‘in focus’ when changing to display different times.

Using the map to add a place requires an internet connection. Once a place has been added an internet connection is no longer required.

Now available on the app store. This is a universal app, that can be downloaded for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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