Password Builder

Latest Version 1.0 - May 2020

Build Passwords, based on user-defined rules

Password Builder is an easy to use, simple app for generating a list of passwords.

The application can be used to;

  • Build Random Password
  • Passwords with minimum number of symbols, numbers, alpha characters
  • Build passwords based on dictionary words
  • User-definable word spacers
  • Random word spacers

Note: The dictionary included is made up of commonly used British English words.


  • Settings for number of passwords to build.
  • Auto clear password list if application goes into the background.
  • Select to build either random or word based passwords.
  • Word settings include number of words, minimum and maximum word length to use.
  • Type of spacer between words, none, hyphens, mixed random characters, or user defined spacer(s).
  • Word cases, upper, lower, title or random.
  • Random password length.
  • Minimum alpha, number and/or symbol characters required.

Now available on the app store. This is a universal app, that can be downloaded for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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