Bearing Compass

Latest Version 2.1 - January 2019

A Standard Compass That Can Display Both A Bearing And Heading

Can be used either as a traditional compass or using the location finder to identify a target location, the app can provide you with a direct bearing and distance.

New features (Version 3.1)

  • Support for finding 'what3words' address. In Map View click search and type the what3 word address.
  • On the Compass screen is a new button to toggle the device and target locations between lat/long and w3w.
  • Support for IOS dark mode.
  • Share the entire list of saved target locations.
  • Share a single target location.
  • More help screens.

Features (Version 2.1)

  • New favourites list, allows you to store up to 150 of your favourite target locations.
  • You can now switch the compass bezel to point to either true north (default) or magnetic north.
  • Slightly revised in app navigation with some refreshed icons.
  • When selecting a bearing coordinates can be entered directly, by typing or pasting, in three formats;
  • Lat/Lon - Latitude and Longitude.
  • DMS - Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.
  • DDM - Degrees and Decimal Minutes.
  • Additional help screen, on the various ways of entering or choosing a bearing.

Features (Version 1.2)

  • Addition of DDM (Degrees and Decimal Minutes) for coordinate display.
  • Corrections to some compass labels.
  • Two additional compass bezels to choose from.

Features (Version 1.1)

  • Added more new outer and inner bezels.
  • Small number of minor bug fixes.

Features (Version 1.0)

The application displays;

  • User selectable compass bezel
  • Bearing of the iPhone
  • User selectable pointer to a target location

Target Information:

  • Target Address
  • Distance and bearing to target
  • Latitude and longitude of target
  • Sunrise and sunset times plus total hours of daylight.
Note: The times displayed are based on your mobile device time settings; i.e. if your device is set to GMT, all times will be displayed in GMT.

iPhone Information:

  • Latitude and longitude of iPhone
  • Altitude of the iPhone
  • Sunrise and sunset times plus total hours of daylight.

Settings For:

  • User selectable outer compass bezel.
  • User selectable inner compass bezel, used to display the target bearing.
  • Choose between lat/long or degrees, minutes and seconds.
  • Choose distance format kilometre/meters or miles/feet.
  • Choose various colour themes for the interface.
  • No Sleep mode prevents the iPhone from sleeping when set. (It is recommended that you connect your Phone to a power source when using this option as it can cause drain on your iPhone battery).

Location Finder:
  • Enter latitude and longitude directly.
  • Type an address or other search criteria to identify the target location on a map.
  • Scroll the map and long press the target location.
  • Reverse geocoding will tell you the address.
  • Reset button to revert to compass only mode.
  • Location finder requires an internet connection.

Initially developed as a test app whilst learning to use Swift. I thought it would be good to share. Enjoy!

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